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Science Group

Earth Observation Science & Applications

Improving the understanding and management of the ocean through the development and application of cutting-edge Earth Observation (EO) techniques and the pioneering of digital innovations in areas such as artifical intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

At a time when the sustainability of the ocean is under increasing threats from unprecedented and rapid changes, the ‘Earth Observation Science & Applications’ group is committed to harnessing new ways to monitor and evidence the changes and impacts taking place. 

Building on PML's world-class expertise in satellite-based ocean colour remote-sensing and in-situ marine monitoring, this includes:
  • driving innovations in marine science, exploiting past, existing and new generation Earth Observation (EO) data.
  • exploiting the opportunities afforded by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to address key environmental and societal questions
  • improving the synergy between in-situ, airborne and satellite observations to provide cost-effective monitoring of a variety of parameters (e.g. water quality, harmful algal blooms and eutrophication) 
  • harnessing the capabilities of the latest Sentinel mission products, open-source tools and novel autonomous in-situ technologies. 
The group's areas of focus include the ocean carbon cycle; phytoplankton dynamics, community structure and function, harmful algal bloom (HAB) detection, fisheries and aquaculture, coastal and inland water quality,  links between ecosystem health and human health, and data-driven decision making.

The group also leads research into, and the production of, climate data records in ocean colour, sea-surface height, sea state, and lake-water colour, with a view to assessing the status of our oceans for policy-making. 


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Latest publications

  • De Keukelaere, L; Moelans, R; Knaeps, E; Sterckx, S; Reusen, I; De Munck, D; Simis, SGH; Constantinescu, AM; Scrieciu, A; Katsouras, G; Mertens, W; Hunter, PD; Spyrakos, E; Tyler, A; 2023. Airborne Drones for Water Quality Mapping in Inland, Transitional and Coastal Waters—MapEO Water Data Processing and Validation . Remote Sensing.
  • Lehmann, MK; Gurlin, D; Pahlevan, N; Alikas, K; Anstee, J; Balasubramanian, SV; Barbosa, CCF; Binding, CE; Bracher, A; Bresciani, M; Burtner, A; Cao, Z; Dekker, AG; Di Vittorio, C; Drayson, N; Errera, RM; Fernandez, V; Ficek, D; Fichot, CG; Gege, P; Giardino, C; Gitelson, AA; Greb, SR.; Henderson, H; Higa, H; Rahaghi, AI; Jamet, C; Jiang, D; Jordan, TM; Kangro, K; Kravitz, JA; Kristoffersen, AS; Kudela, R; Li, L; Ligi, M; Loisel, H; Lohrenz, S; Ma, R; Maciel, DA; Malthus, TJ; Matsushita, B; Matthews, MW; Minaudo, C; Mishra, DR; Mishra, S; Moore, T; Moses, WJ; Nguyễn, H; Novo, EMLM; Novoa, S; Odermatt, D; O’Donnell, DM; Olmanson, LG; Ondrusek, M; Oppelt, N; Ouillon, S; Pereira Filho, W; Plattner, S; Verdu, AR; Salem, SI; Schalles, JF; Simis, SGH; Siswanto, E; Smith, B; Somlai-Schweiger, I; Soppa, MA; Spyrakos, E; Tessin, E; Van der Woerd, HJ; Vander Woude, A; Vandermeulen, RA; Vantrepotte, V; Wernand, M; Werther, M; Young, K; Yue, L; 2023. GLORIA - A globally representative hyperspectral in situ dataset for optical sensing of water quality . Scientific Data.
  • Jiang, D; Scholze, J; Liu, X; Simis, SGH; Stelzer, K; Müller, D; Hunter, P; Tyler, A; Spyrakos, E; 2023. A data-driven approach to flag land-affected signals in satellite derived water quality from small lakes . International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.

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People who work in this area of research

Dr Elizabeth C. Atwood

Earth Observation Data Analyst
liat3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Lauren Biermann

Earth Observation Scientist
lbi3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Andrei Chuprin

ach3/29/2023 4:30:51

Professor Steve Groom

Head of Science - Earth Observation
sbg3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Thomas Jackson

Remote Sensing and Ocean Optics Scientist
thja3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Bror Jonsson

Senior scientist
brj3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Thomas Jordan

Earth Observation Scientist
tjor3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Gemma Kulk

Phytoplankton physiologist
gku3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Andrey Kurekin

Marine Earth Observation Scientist
anku3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Peter Land

Remote Sensing Scientist
peland3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Angus Laurenson

Scientific Python Guru
anla3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Junfang Lin

Earth Observation Scientist
junl3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Xiaohan Liu

Earth Observation Scientist
liux3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Victor Martinez-Vicente

Bio-optical oceanographer
vmv3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Peter Miller

Marine Earth Observation Scientist
pim3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr David Moffat

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Scientist
dmof3/29/2023 4:30:51

Silvia Pardo

Earth Observation Scientist
spa3/29/2023 4:30:51

Paula Pereira

Research intern
ppe3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Graham Quartly

Physical oceanographer (Remote sensing)
gqu3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Shubha Sathyendranath

Merit Remote Sensing Scientist
ssat3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Nick Selmes

Earth Observation Scientist
nse3/29/2023 4:30:51

Professor Stefan Simis

Earth Observation Scientist (inland/coastal waters)
stsi3/29/2023 4:30:51

Emma Sullivan

Earth Observation Scientist
emsu3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Varunan Theenathayalan

Earth Observation Scientist
vath3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Gavin H Tilstone

Bio-optical oceanographer
ghti3/29/2023 4:30:51

Dr Mark Warren

Remote sensing scientist
mark13/29/2023 4:30:51