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Dr Andrey Kurekin

Dr Andrey Kurekin

Marine Earth Observation Scientist

anku7/23/2024 1:27:00    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)
"When I joined PML my previous work experience was mainly in the academic environment. My work at PML gave me a unique experience of being involved in numerous multidisciplinary and international projects. This opened endless opportunities for cooperation not only within the organisation, but also all around the world."

Dr. Andrey Kurekin has been employed at Plymouth Marine Laboratory since 2010 as Marine Earth Observation Scientist with expertise in classification of optical and radar remote sensing images, and data fusion. At PML he worked on a number of research projects where he gained his expertise in automated feature detection from oceanic satellite data; modelling inherent optical properties (IOP) of coastal waters; automatic detection of internal waves in SAR images. He is a co-developer of the PML oil spill detection algorithm, with further expertise in automatic detection of harmful algal blooms, detection of internal waves in SAR images, and monitoring of illegal fishing vessels.

His research interests also extend to radar altimetry: development of algorithms and software for altimeter waveforms classification and sea surface height estimation; assessment of radar altimeter data and retracker algorithms.

NextOcean co-developing a suite of Earth observation-based services for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture (, lead fisheries monitoring service)

Safe and Sustainable Shellfish: Introducing local testing and management solutions. Funded by BBSRC. (2019-2022, lead the satellite based early warning of harmful algal blooms)

GCRF Blue Communities. (2017-2021, lead EO methods for aquaculture structures detection).

Earth observation for sustainable development (EO4SD) - marine resources. (2018 – 2021, lead remote sensing detection of oil spills). (
Integrated Service for Surveillance of Illegal, Unlicensed and Unreported Fishing ( InSUre ). Use of EO for Sustainable Fisheries Management in West Africa (15-P22). A project funded by the European Space Agency. (2016-2017, project lead)

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