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Socio-economics of fisheries and aquaculture

People across the world are dependent upon fisheries and aquaculture for food, livelihood and income. It is therefore essential to ensure the sustainability of seafood production for generations to come.

Our research investigates the economic and social benefits derived from fisheries and seafood producers, in the UK and overseas. We co-design our research with stakeholders and people involved at the different stages of the seafood production in order to characterise production methods and practices in the seafood supply chain.

We use both qualitative (e.g. semi-structured interviews) and quantitative (e.g. survey) methods to collect and analyse data to inform effective measures toward enhancing sustainable seafood production practices, value chains and post-harvest operations.

Our solution-oriented research also aims at evidencing the economic and social consequences of global change and human activity on the seafood production systems, now and into the future. This includes the assessing and predicting impact of climate change, harmful algal blooms, water quality and pollutants including plastic and coastal development including offshore renewable energy development.

People who work in this area of research

Andrew Edwards-Jones

Social Scientist
aej5/18/2024 5:54:55

Dr Océane Marcone

Social Science Researcher
ocm5/18/2024 5:54:55

Dr Olivia Rendón

Senior Environmental Economist
ore5/18/2024 5:54:55