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Research excellence supporting a sustainable ocean

Marine ecosystems across the world are under enormous pressure from the increasing prevalence and severity of human-induced impacts and from the rapid, and often extreme, environmental changes driven by the world’s changing climate.

three images - scientists in lab, research vessel and data buoy at sea

PML is committed to delivering scientifically excellent research that generates a greater understanding of marine and aquatic environments, the threats they face, the linkages and interactions with freshwater, terrestrial and atmospheric systems, and the interplay with human society.

Importantly, we seek to use this greater understanding to effect demonstrable change in the way in which marine environments are appreciated, managed, protected and valued.

We employ a combination of traditional and advanced scientific methods, utilising the latest in digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help us quickly and efficiently collect, visualise and interpret increasing quantities of environmental and biological data.

Our research is ultimately designed to:

1) Identify how marine ecosystems are fundamentally structured and how they function.

2) Quantify the impacts of multiple human-induced stressors on marine ecosystems.

3) Develop solutions and approaches to support the sustainability of marine ecosystems.