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NERC Earth Observation Data Analysis and Artificial-Intelligence Service (NEODAAS)

Dundee geostationary

Completed project

Project start: April 2019  |  Project end: April 2024
Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
Principal Investigator: Professor Steve Groom
Other participants from PML: Dr Daniel Clewley, William Jay, Dr Angus Laurenson, Aser Mata, Dr Peter Miller, Dr David Moffat, Silvia Pardo, Dr Nick Selmes, Emma Sullivan, Peter Walker, Dr Mark Warren, Liz Atwood, Kelly Davidson.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory have provided satellite data to support researchers since the 1990s and the range of services offered has been constantly evolving to meet their needs and the technology available. NEODAAS was recommissioned in 2019 by NERC for five years as part of their Services and Faculties portfolio and is overseen by the National Centre for Earth Observation. 

Services provided by the NEODAAS include:

  • Support for researchers utilising Artificial Intelligence with Earth Observation data (including managing a GPU cluster)
  • Operational satellite data processing for the scientific community
  • Development of new products
  • Near real time and rapid response using satellite data, including support of research cruises
  • Airborne data processing
  • Support and training