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Science Group

Marine Biogeochemistry and Observations

Developing our understanding of key marine biogeochemical processes and their multiple exchanges with terrestrial, atmospheric and benthic environments.

The ‘Marine Biogeochemistry and Observations (MBO)’ group explores the natural variability and the impact of man's activities on the marine environment from local to global scales.

Boasting a wealth of expertise, datasets and hardware that span local, regional and basin scales, the team has a truly pole-to-pole capability.

The group’s areas of focus include:

  • Understanding the key processes in the biogeochemical cycling of organic and inorganic carbon and nutrients in contrasting environments, the factors controlling them and the fluxes between different systems

  • Identifying how the composition and cleanliness of marine air varies over time and space

  • Seeking ways to better inform clean air legislation on sulphur and nitrogen gases, and particulates

People who work in this area of research

Dr Ruth Airs

Marine Biogeochemist and Head of Postgraduate Studies
ruai7/23/2024 12:16:43

Professor Tom Bell

Ocean-atmosphere biogeochemist
tbe7/23/2024 12:16:43

Dr Sarah Breimann

Analytical chemist
sabr7/23/2024 12:16:43

Ian Brown

Marine Chemist
iaian27/23/2024 12:16:43

Jasmin Dorinda

PhD student
jaur7/23/2024 12:16:43

Carolyn Harris

Analytical Chemist
caha7/23/2024 12:16:43

Dr Frances E. Hopkins

Marine biogeochemist
fhop7/23/2024 12:16:43

Dr Vassilis Kitidis

Marine biogeochemist
vak7/23/2024 12:16:43

Jani Pewter

Instrument and Data Technician

Professor Rees

Marine biogeochemist
apre7/23/2024 12:16:43

Professor Tim Smyth

Head of Science - Marine Biogeochemistry and Observations
tjsm7/23/2024 12:16:43

Dr Glen Tarran

Marine microbial ecologist
gat7/23/2024 12:16:43

Dr Juliane Wihsgott

Digital Oceanographer
jwi7/23/2024 12:16:43

Bethany Wilkinson

Junior Biogeochemist
bwi7/23/2024 12:16:43

E. Malcolm S. Woodward

Chemical oceanographer
emsw7/23/2024 12:16:43

Dr Ming-Xi Yang

Chemical Oceanographer
miya7/23/2024 12:16:43