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Our vision is for a healthy and sustainable ocean

Plymouth Marine Laboratory conducts multidisciplinary research at the cutting edge of marine science to understand the complex marine environment and help solve the challenges it faces.

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Photo of Professor Pennie Lindeque

I am fascinated how biology works and passionate about understanding how anthropogenic pollutants and environmental change impact marine organisms and ecosystems. Working at PML with inspiring colleagues allows me to address a range of challenges, thereby helping to maintain a healthy marine environment for future generations.

Professor Pennie Lindeque
Head of Science: Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
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Delivering science with impact

PML is committed to delivering world-leading research that furthers our understanding of the ocean and creates positive outcomes for society and the environment.

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Featured projects

Plymouth Sound

Marine Social and Natural Capital Laboratory

Launching the first Marine Social and Natural Capital Laboratory of its kind, linking social and natural sciences enabling data for ground-breaking research into sustainable use, human well-being and ...
HyperBOOST Graphic showing the TARA schooner with a satellite above beaming a multicoloured beam (rainbow) down to the sea surface and another similar beam coming from the stern of the ship

HyperBOOST - Hyperspectral Bio-Optical Observations Sailing on Tara

Marine ecosystem health in coastal areas can be challenging to monitor using Earth Observation due to their optical complexity. HyperBOOST will address this by using in-situ hyperspectral bio-optical ...
Children with their teacher on a field trip to the ocean

ProBleu: Promoting ocean and water literacy in school communities

ProBleu aims to mobilise and engage students, school communities, and the wider community across the EU and associated countries to enhance understanding, stewardship, and literacy about oceans an ...

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Addressing global challenges

Climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources – the ocean is facing greater challenges than ever. At PML we work at global, regional and local levels, alongside partners across the world, to deliver the science needed for a sustainable ocean future.

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three images - hand holding plastic particles, people fishing on boats and an iceberg in the arctic

Understanding a changing planet

Human influence has had detrimental effects on the atmosphere, ocean and land, including the warming and acidification of the marine environment. PML is renowned for its unique expertise in monitoring the effects of these changes, integrating traditional research with advanced digital science techniques and technologies.

PML is addressing these issues through our Science to impact Challenge areas, which include: Autonomy, technology and digitisation, Biodiversity, Cleaner seas, Climate change, and Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

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