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NERC Airborne Research Facility (NERC-ARF)

Picture of NERC-BAS Twin Otter research aircraft

Completed project

Project start: April 2007  |  Project end: April 2019
Funder: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) - National Capability
Principal Investigator: Professor Steve Groom
Other participants from PML: Dr Daniel Clewley, Dr Mark Warren, Aser Mata, Will Jay

Airborne remote sensing provides an efficient method for the rapid collection of data over a specified area, as a cost effective means of monitoring the environment around us.

The NERC Airborne Research Facility (formerly Airborne Research and Survey Facility; ARSF) provided the capability to collect data from a suite of instruments including an imaging spectrometer, LiDAR and survey camera. PML provided data processing capability through the Data Analysis Node which included developing custom software, instrument calibration and characterisation and user support.

Capability for processing airborne data at PML, as well of support of the archive of flights held at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) is now provided through NEODAAS.