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Dr Lekshmi Krishnakumary

Dr Lekshmi Krishnakumary

Earth Observation Scientist

lkr6/22/2024 5:51:09    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)
"My research is primarily focused on the remote sensing applications of marine biogeochemistry. I am particularly interested in understanding the key marine forcings acting on the carbon dioxide gas exchange process at the air-sea interface, and the significance of marine nutrient dynamics on the ocean primary productivity."

Lekshmi has joined as an Earth Observation Scientist in the Earth Observation Science and Applications group in PML. She has a background in remote sensing applications in the marine biogeochemistry and her research focused mainly on the carbon dioxide gas exchange at the ocean-atmosphere interface over the northern Indian Ocean. During her Ph.D., she tried to study the key marine forcings influencing the air-sea carbon dynamics as well as the impact of these carbon fluxes on the marine biogeochemistry.

At PML, she is involved in the projects CBIOMES and SCOPE, and is working in the global primary production mapping.