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Dr Sarah Breimann

Dr Sarah Breimann

Analytical chemist

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Dr Sarah Briemann is an ocean biogeochemist within the Marine Biogeochemistry & Observations group at PML. She is particularly interested in studying the impact of anthropogenic disturbances on the aquatic environment, with a focus on identifying potential mitigation strategies.

In 2022, Sarah successfully completed her PhD at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, in collaboration with Marine Scotland Science. Her thesis delved into the effects of demersal trawl components on the chemical and particulate composition of subsequent trawl plumes. Prior to her PhD, Sarah obtained both her masters and undergraduate degrees at the University of Aberdeen, where her studies revolved around the fishing industry and stable isotope (δ15N) ecology.

Sarah's research primarily centres around investigating the effects of fisheries trawling on sediment and water column biogeochemistry. She is particularly interested in discerning changes in processes and productivity, encompassing both chemical aspects such as carbonate and nitrogen, as well as ecological factors like primary and secondary production.

Currently, Sarah is engaged in studying biogeochemical changes occurring from riverine to coastal environments in response to land use and land use changes. Her primary focus lies in understanding the variations in nutrient concentrations, POC (δ13C), and PON (δ15N).

S. A. Breimann., F. G. O'Neill., K. Summerbell., D. J. Mayor. 2022. Quantifying the resuspension of nutrients and sediment by demersal trawling. Continental Shelf Research 233.