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Molecular matrix

Key contact: Dr Karen Tait

The Molecular Matrix is a state-of-the-art suite of laboratories dedicated to the study and culture of marine organisms (viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi and plankton), molecular ecology and biotechnology. 

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Molecular Biology Facility and Microbiology

The recently refurbished Molecular Biology Facility is a one-stop laboratory for the analysis of nucleic acid from both natural and cultured communities, for synthetic biology and basic biochemical analysis. The laboratory is equipped with microcentrifuges, shakers, ovens, a DNA&RNA extraction robot, gel electrophoresis (agarose and acrylamide), vortexes, PCR machines and real-time PCR machines.

Alongside the Molecular Biology Facility is a newly refurbished Microbiology laboratory containing all the equipment required for the study and culturing of marine organisms (viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi and plankton), including a light chamber, microbiological containment cabinets (class II ventilated hood), orbital shakers, centrifuges, a series of plate readers for automated assays using fluorescence and luminescence and a dark room for microscopy.

Contact: Dr Karen Tait




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