The coverage of our work in both scientific literature and the media reflects the relevance and influence of our science and research outputs.

Having a pro-active relationship with the media also reflects our constant drive to encourage an effective dialogue between the scientific community, policy makers, young people interested in developing a career in the environmental sciences and the wider public.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory launches strategy for supporting ocean futures

08 June 2020

World Oceans Day provides an auspicious backdrop for the launch of Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s new Strategy 2020-2025.

Climate change has degraded productivity of shelf sea food webs

08 June 2020

A shortage of summer nutrients as a result of our changing climate has contributed to a 50% decline in important North East Atlantic plankton over the past 60 years.

International fishery and aquaculture research project published synthesis report

02 June 2020

The international fishery and aquaculture research project CERES (Climate change and European aquatic resources...

Twenty years of data contribute to global phytoplankton study

25 May 2020

For the first time, research led by PML brings together satellite ocean colour observations from across two...

Are we underestimating microplastics in the marine environment?

19 May 2020

A new study, led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, suggests an underestimation of microplastics in the ocean.

Acidifying oceans may threaten crucial links in Earth’s climate cycles

13 May 2020

A review of more than two hundred studies highlights where research needs to focus if we are to understand vital oceanic processes that can alter the Earth’s climate.

Solve invasive seaweed problem by turning it into biofuels and fertilisers

12 May 2020

Seaweed could produce sustainable fuels, chemicals and fertiliser while helping protect tourist hotspots.

How well can we predict the future Fish of the Day?

11 May 2020

An international team of modellers and researchers have collaborated to find out how reliable projections of today’s fisheries forecasting models are in the North-East Atlantic.

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