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Royal Society Summer Science Festival

Tuesday 2 July 2024 - Sunday 7 July 2024

: Carlton House Terrace, London

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) will be participating in the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London from July 2nd to 7th, 2024

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), in partnership with the UK National Oceanography Centre, Marine Biological Association (MBA) and the Scottish Association for Marine Science will be bringing ocean science to the Royal Society Summer Science Festival this year, to tell the compelling story of how we are all connected to the ocean, and how ocean warming is changing life on earth.

The event will feature 14 flagship exhibits, 33 talks, and 30 hands-on activities, providing attendees with opportunities to interact with scientists and learn about cutting-edge research.

"Deep Heat: How a warming Ocean is changing life on earth," will highlight the ocean's crucial role in regulating climate and its absorption of greenhouse gases. Through engaging displays and interactive experiments, attendees will explore the interconnectedness between humans and the ocean, as well as the implications of ocean warming on marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

This free event invites the public to engage with researchers, participate in experiments, and gain a deeper understanding of the ocean's role in shaping our planet's future.

Find out more about the event via: Summer Science Exhibition 2024 | Royal Society

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