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Using nexus thinking to empower community-based management of mangrove fisheries

Mangrove.  Photograph courtesy of Thecla Keizer

Completed project

Project start: January 2017  |  Project end: September 2019
Funder: NERC
Principal Investigator: Dr Caroline Hattam

The livelihoods of inshore fishermen are threatened by the loss of fisheries productivity largely due to mangrove destruction in Malaysia. This situation is contributed to mainly by a lack of awareness of both the value of mangrove and mangrove-based fishery resources and local knowledge for managing these resources. Furthermore, trust and continual engagement between government, community and other resources users is needed for promoting mangrove-based fisheries management.

This project is a collaboration with the University of Malaya and will apply nexus thinking, a new way of thinking that recognises the interdependencies between uses of the environment, to understand the interdependencies, tensions and trade-off between the mangroves, their fisheries and users.

The specific objectives of the project include:

  • Advance the application of nexus thinking to the sustainable management of fishery resources
  • Set the foundation for community-based fishery management in the mangrove ecosystem
  • Develop a programme of environmental education, emphasising the importance of mangroves.