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Mission Atlantic

Clouds over the Atlantic

Completed project

Project start: January 2021  |  Project end: January 2024
Funder: EU H2020
Principal Investigator: Dr Jorn Bruggeman
Other participants from PML: Dr James Clark, Dr Karen Tait, Dr Lee de Mora, Dr Yuri Artioli

Mission Atlantic is the first ever initiative to develop and systematically apply Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEAs) at the Atlantic basin scale.

"Towards the sustainable development of the Atlantic Ocean: Mapping and assessing the present and future status of Atlantic marine ecosystems under the influence of climate change and exploitation."

The unique approach will engage scientists, stakeholders and resource managers, integrating all components of the ecosystem – including climate change, natural hazards and human activities – into the decision-making process and enable identification of ecosystem components most at risk from natural hazards and the consequences of human activites.

In this way, managers and policy makers can use scientific evidence to balance the need for environmental protection with secure, sustainable development, thereby ensuring a positive future for the Atlantic Ocean and its peoples.

The project comprises more than 30 partners from both sides of the Atlantic and PML is leading the work on "Dynamics of ecosystem state and resources", which will deliver model projections of the future state of the Atlantic at unprecedented physical and biological detail.


The work will enable stakeholders from all across the Atlantic to expore the potential impacts of climate change and human pressures on the marine ecosystem, and to prepare for the future.