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EuroGO-SHIP: Enhancing Ocean Observations

Hydrographic sampling using a CTD

Active project

Project start: December 2022  |  Project end: November 2025
Funder: EU Horizon 2020
Principal Investigator: E. Malcolm S. Woodward
Other participants from PML: Prof Tim Smyth

The EuroGO-SHIP project aims to enhance the quality, integration and sustainability of ship-based hydrographic data collection across Europe.

Hydrographic data provides vital ocean information to support activities like weather forecasting, shipping, and climate research. While Europe already possesses world-class skills and infrastructure for gathering ocean data, the project seeks to further enhance quality and sustainability to meet 21st century requirements. EuroGO-SHIP will upgrade current strengths through the objectives:

  • Developing new quality control methods, including machine learning, for even higher accuracy of hydrographic data.
  • Creating a pool of shared marine equipment to give more scientists access to state-of-the-art instruments.
  • Developing a centralised data management system for easier data sharing and archiving.
  • Providing advanced training on equipment usage and data analysis to increase skills.
The project brings together 25 organizations from 14 European countries, including the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML). Recently, PML scientist Malcolm Woodward joined the JC247 research cruise to investigate best practices for long-term nutrient sample storage and preservation. This work will help recommend optimal protocols to the wider community.



Through improving equipment, data, and training for ship-based hydrography, EuroGO-SHIP will enable Europe to maintain world-leading ocean observation programs into the future.