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Aquaculture cages and boat

Active project

Project start: May 2021  |  Project end: June 2024
Funder: EU Horizon 2020
Principal Investigator: Dr Peter Miller
Other participants from PML: Dawn Ashby, Heather Baxter, Andrey Kurekin

NextOcean co-developing a suite of Earth observation-based services for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. 

NextOcean services will enable users to gain valuable insights into the performance and impact of fisheries and aquaculture operations to enable informed management decisions. Services include meaningful certification of fish provenance and evidence of sustainability for ecolabelling. NextOcean can help to optimise new aquaculture facilities by finding the ideal physical location, consider disease exposure and assess the potential environmental impact.

For existing aquaculture an early warning tool for operational risks from plankton blooms and pollution events will be available. This can provide regulatory authorities and responsible farmers with a cost effective evidence-based solution to ensure the continued sustainability of aquaculture.