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Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS)

Ocean chlorophyll

Completed project

Project start: May 2015  |  Project end: April 2018
Funder: EC
Principal Investigator: Steve Groom
Other participants from PML: Dr Robert Brewin, Dr Rory Donnelly, Silvia Pardo

The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) is an EC service to provide up-to-date and well-controlled satellite observations and model forecasts of the European regional and global marine environment.

PML is responsible for near-real-time and climate-grade satellite data covering the Arctic and Atlantic regions, as well as providing one of the two global observation datasets (from the OceanColour CCI project).


PML provides up-to-date daily satellite data for use across Europe (and worldwide) via CMEMS, within the framework of the European Commission's ~4.3 billion Euro (2014-2020) Copernicus Programme.  These data are freely available and may be analysed and reused in multiple contexts, while primarily targeting scientists, aquaculture and marine monitoring.

PML also contributes to CMEMS through the NOWMAPS project which provides information on the North-West European Shelf region.

For further information please email the CMEMS team at