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Anneliese Hodge

Anneliese Hodge

PhD student

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"PML is such an enriching and welcoming environment that promotes and delivers such a hugely impactful ethos. My work as a PhD student specialising in ecotoxicology brings a new perspective of science to both PML and wider society. I am hugely motivated to learn more about the effect of chemicals and pollutants on the marine environment, particularly the effect of sunscreens and UV filters on marine biota. "

Anneliese is a PhD student at both Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the University of Plymouth. She has a first-class honours degree in Environmental Science and a distinction in her postgraduate research Masters in Marine Biology. Her specialism is in ecotoxicology, with particular focus on the effects of UV filters from personal-care products on marine biota. Anneliese first joined PML during her Master of Research Marine Biology degree in 2021 where she worked alongside Dr Frances Hopkins and Dr Mahasweta Saha to investigate the effects of sunscreens and UV filters on temperate marine macroalgae. 

Her PhD incorporates several realms of marine science to establish the ecotoxicological effects of UV filters along the marine food-chain, whilst quantifying their potential to bioaccumulate. From the use of biogeochemical techniques to establish effects on DMS and DMSP production of algae, to DNA extraction techniques to assess toxicity effects on marine mussels, Anneliese’s PhD aims to provide a food-chain analysis of UV filters and sunscreens.  

In her free time, Anneliese loves scuba diving, spending time on her boat, snorkelling, surfing, reading and spending time with her dog. 

  • 2023 – ‘An integrated approach to determine the food-chain transfer and ecotoxicological effects of UV filters on marine organisms’
  • 2021 – 2022 ‘Ecotoxicological effects of sunscreens and UV filters on the temperate marine macroalgae Palmaria palmata, Ulva lactuca and Fucus serratus’.
Anneliese snorkelling in the Gulf of Papagayo with a photobombing pufferfish!
Anneliese on a scuba diving course in Costa Rica
Anneliese on a scuba diving course in Costa Rica