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At any one time, PML is undertaking around 100 research projects with science and interests stretching from local to global, from lakes to oceanic environments. We collaborate in research projects across the world, and the length and breadth of the global ocean from the poles to the tropics. Our strategic research feeds into national and international strategies such as for the UK and other governments or regulators, and maps onto strategies of public sector bodies, space agencies, charitable foundations and philanthropists, NGOs and industry.

Here you can find a selection of our current projects:

Aerial image of Calstock wetland
Environmental Monitoring at Calstock flood defence improvement scheme

Project start: November 2022

Active project
Offshore wind turbines
EcoNex - The marine energy, biodiversity and food nexus

Project start: August 2022

Active project
Salt Marsh
Sea The Value

Project start: August 2022

Active project
Phyloplankton by Claire Widdicombe

Project start: June 2022

Active project
home grown food production

Project start: April 2022

Active project
Offshore drilling rig
INSITE Synthesis

Project start: January 2022

Active project
Aerial view of Mount Batten, Plymouth
MSPACE: Marine Spatial Planning Addressing Climate Effects

Project start: August 2021

Active project
Aquaculture cages and boat

Project start: May 2021

Active project
Clouds over the Atlantic
Mission Atlantic

Project start: January 2021

Active project
Lake with mountain in background and stormy skies. Courtesy Jordan Lomibao on Unsplash
Water-ForCE: Water scenarios For Copernicus Exploitation

Project start: January 2021

Active project
plastic bottle in the ocean. photograph from UnSplash
FRONTAL: Satellite FRONTs for detection of Anthropogenic plastic Litter

Project start: September 2020

Completed project