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PML at COP28, the UN Climate Change Meeting

Should you have any questions about the events or exhibits below please contact our COP28 delegation coordinator: Thecla Keizer,  



Date Title PML Speaker Time (GST, GMT+4) & Location Links
22 November COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion Preview Event: Showcasing the Oceans at COP28 Thecla Keizer 16:00-17:30 GST, online Access the recording 
30 November COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion Opening Event: Integrating Ocean and Climate Action

This high-level virtual event will provide the argument and rationale for increasing coordination and collaboration among ocean-climate initiatives through integrated and ecosystem-based approaches, as well as present illustrative cases that underscore, promote, and share lessons learned from these practices.
Matt Frost (Moderator) 15:00-16:30 GST, online Access the recording
1 December climate-change-impacts-1.png

Opportunities, tools and challenges towards an inclusive and equitable approach for local & regional adaptation to a rapidly changing ocean

An expert panel including high-level government representatives, the Commonwealth Secretariat, research and conservation as well as finance and investment sectors, will identify the requirements, opportunities and possible barriers for implementing equitable and accessible ocean adaption solutions, specifically for countries with minimal financial resource and high levels of marine biodiversity.
Matt Frost (Moderator) and Steve Widdicombe (Panelist)
11:15-12:30 GST - Commonwealth pavilion, Blue Zone View Programme (PDF)

Commonwealth Pavilion (no live stream available)
2 December Friends of Ocean Action side event: The road to the UN Ocean Conference 2025 Steve Widdicombe is a Friend of Ocean Action and will be attending  15:30 – 16:30 GST Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone Learn More about Friends of Ocean Action and Ocean Pavilion 

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2 December
Blue Economy Dinner, Reception and Discussion Steve Widdicombe invited participant 20:00-22:30 GST, by invitation only By invitation only, no livestream available
3 December Scaling up community knowledge within a whole-system approach for climate-smart sustainability solutions in energy and land transitions

A just transition for energy and resource development requires systems thinking to resolve complex challenges from land to sea. It demands negotiating conflicts of top-down and bottom-up knowledge and learning from community-led approaches to deliver evidence-based solutions, fast and at scale. 
Matt Frost (Panelist) 9.30-11.30 GST - Renewable Energy Association Pavilion, TA3-120 on the ground floor of thematic arena 3, Blue Zone REA Pavilion

Event webpage 

No livestream available
3 December Knowledge for Climate Action in Ocean Decade, a session as part of the UN Ocean Decade Flagship event 09:30-12:00 showcasing the role of the Ocean Decade in the global climate agenda.

Steve Widdicombe (Panelist) 10:00-11:00 GST – Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone Ocean Pavilion

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Information about the Ocean Decade at COP28 
3 December Ocean acidification in the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean: scaling down risks and scaling up solutions Steve Widdicombe (Panelist) 14:00-16:00 GST – IAEA Pavilion, Energy & Finance Building, Blue Zone IAEA Pavilion
3 December Mandated event - Earth Information Day 2023

This event provides a dialogue for exchanging information on the state of the global climate system and developments in systematic observation. It will comprise a plenary session with an opening segment and three panel sections, as well as a World Café session in which PML is taking part  as Facilitator on 'Building observations and understanding of ocean acidification and deoxygenation'
Steve Widdicombe (World Café Session - Topic  Facilitator) 15:00-17:00 GST - Meeting Room 36, Blue Zone Earth Information Day 2023
3 December Navigating African waters: Advancing ocean observations for sustainable development

Africa's extensive coastlines hold vast potential for economic growth, food security, renewable energy and climate resilience. Realizing these benefits requires a deep understanding of ocean dynamics, ecosystems and resources. The importance of advancing ocean observations and monitoring networks, to collect data on ocean currents, temperatures, biodiversity and pollution. These provide insights for sustainable fisheries management, disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation.
Matt Frost (speaker) 17:00-18:00 GST - Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone  Ocean Pavilion

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4 December Dialogue to enhance and mainstream ocean acidification knowledge in climate change action. 

Dialogue by special invitiation only and a partnership of Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability Ocean Decade endorsed programme, the IOC-UNESCO and OA Alliance
Steve Widdicombe (co-organizer and participant) 9:00-10:30 GST - By invitation only, Ocean Decade - OceanX Pavilion, Blue Zone By invitation only; no on demand viewing available
4 December The Ocean Health Initiative

The panel discussions will focus on joint research efforts to provide insight into Ocean Health. Much of the research done globally is extensively covering the coastal areas. These coastal processes are often used to extrapolate to the open oceans. Improving the health of the ocean requires reliable data and science-based knowledge on the impact of climate change and increasing CO2 levels on the ocean, and the impact of pollution from microplastics, radionuclides, inorganic and organic contaminants of emerging concern (e.g. emerging chemicals). This information is essential for informed decision-making and the implementation of effective conservation and protection actions for the oceans. 

Steve Widdicombe (Panelist) 13:30-14:30 GST, Kuwait Pavilion, B3, Building 25, Blue Zone No livestream available
4 December SEORS-Twitter-graphic.jpg

Ocean-Climate-Society: the UNFCCC & ocean mitigation, adaptation, finance and capacity building

Ocean ecosystems & coastal communities are being impacted by climate change, but the ocean also offers adaptation & mitigation actions. We will show examples of adaptation, governance and finance framework opportunities, incl. for the global south, collaboration and ocean integration in the UNFCCC
Matt Frost (Moderator), Steve Widdicombe (Panelist)
PML Honorary Fellow Torsten Thiele (Panelist)
15:00-16:30 GST – SE Room 7, Blue Zone
View Programme (PDF)

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Join online via the UNFCCC COP28 app for those who are registered.

Overview of COP28 side events
5 December The rising seas, coastal strategies and solutions

One of the most pressing challenges confronting us today is that of rising sea levels. The ocean's gradual encroachment on our coastlines threatens coastal communities, ecosystems and economies around the world. Thankfully, innovative strategies and solutions are emerging to mitigate the impacts of this threat. This session provides an opportunity to discuss the impacts of sea-level-related hazards and challenges, as well as the possibilities of resilient strategies and solutions.
Steve Widdicombe (Panelist) 09:30-10:30 GST – Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone Ocean Pavilion

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5 December Confluence: Bridging the Ocean and Freshwater for collective science and solutions.

A Water Pavilion and Ocean Pavilion Cross Pavilion event

Steve Widdicombe (panelist) and PML a partner in the event and sponsor of the reception 18:30 – 19:30 GST followed by a reception - Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone Ocean Pavilion

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About the event
6 December  How The Seabed Could Save The World: Turning Ground-Breaking Insight Into Action on Blue Carbon Matt Frost, round table discussion attendee 16.00-17.30 GST, by invtiation only By invitation only, no livestream available
6 December Leveraging UN Mechanisms for Local Ocean Acidification Adaptation and Resilience

Co-hosted with: UN Foundation; IOC-UNESCO; Plymouth Marine Laboratory; Ocean Decade Programme ‘Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability; Commonwealth Secretariat; Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network and University of Washington

Steve Widdicombe (Panelist) 16:15 - 17:45 GST followed by a reception – Commonwealth Pavilion, Blue Zone Commonwealth Pavilion (no live stream available)
8 December Polar Oceans Day: Long-tailed Legacy of Acidification, Warming and Freshening Led by the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative; Helen Findlay is coordinating one of the events on the day All day - Cryosphere Pavilion, Blue Zone
Cryosphere Pavilion

Click here to view on demand
8 December  Liberia, the UNFCCC and ocean-climate action - opportunities, tools & challenges


Anthony Ndah (Panelist)

12:00 - 13:00 GST - Liberia Pavilion

Link to the Programme 

Click here to view on demand
8 December The Ocean Decade as an Accelerator of Regional and International Cooperation and Partnership for Promotion of Sustainable Blue Economies in Africa

Anthony Ndah (Panelist) 14:30-16:00 GST - Africa Pavilion, Opportunity Petal, B6, Building 70, Blue Zone Africa Pavilion

Click here to view on demand (session starts around 05:32 in the recording)
8 December

Multiple Threats to Polar Oceans

The Arctic and Southern Oceans are crucial components of the Earth system. Their unique ecosystems are under serious threat from warming, acidification, freshening and ice loss. Polar oceans already experience change, with extreme events occurring more frequently, leading to range shifts, changes in food webs, ecosystems, fisheries, and climate regulation. This session provides a platform for these lesser known, but highly globally relevant issues, highlighting the latest science and discussing the wider societal and political implications. Ultimately showing and engaging with the audience on why polar ocean change needs to be further considered in the GST and providing evidence for the need to urgently raise ambition for reducing emissions.


Helen Findlay (Moderator) 18:00 - 19:20 GST - Cryosphere Pavilion, Blue Zone Cryosphere Pavilion

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Event Programme
9 December Ambition on Melting Ice High-level Group On Sea-level Rise and Mountain Water Resources - MInisterial meeting Helen Findlay invited attendee Blue Zone
9 December Polar Oceans: Extremes as evidence for urgent action

Arctic and Southern oceans are crucial components of planet Earth, however they are under serious threat from warming, acidification, freshening and ice loss. As well as long term change, polar oceans are experiencing extreme events, leading to impacts on food webs, ecosystems, fisheries, and climate regulation. Hear from experts on the latest science, societal and political implications. Discuss polar oceans and the Global stocktake with evidence towards urgently raising ambition on emission reductions.

Helen Findlay (Moderator) 8:00-9:00 GST – Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone Ocean Pavilion

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Event Programme
9 December Ocean-Climate Innovation in Kenya: Towards a climate positive blue economy sector

Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Africa is an event partner and  PML's Anthony Ndah is the ECOP Africa Hub Coordinator. ECOP is a UN Ocean Decade endorsed programme. 

Anthony Ndah (Panelist) and Dr Matt Frost invited Opening Adress 08:00-09:30 GST, Kenya Pavilion, Blue Zone About ECOP Africa
9 December High level Ocean event: Powering Ocean Breakthroughs through 100% sustainable management

Matt Frost was involved in the development of the Ocean Breakthroughs 14:00-15:30, Al Waha Theatre, Presidency Zone, Blue Zone Click here to view on demand

9 December  Tipping Points of Arctic Climate

Helen Findlay (Speaker) 18:00pm GST, Cryosphere Pavilion, Blue Zone Cryosphere Pavilion

Click here to view on demand
10 December Global ocean observations for equitable knowledge-based decision-making

Risks raised by climate-forced changes to the ocean elevate the need for timely solutions. The technological revolution offers a growing list of tools, but purposeful observation, collaboration, capacity building & stakeholder engagement are necessary to address challenges effectively and equitably.

Helen Findlay (Panelist) 15:00-16:30 GST, SE Room 1, Blue Zone Click here to view on demand

Join online via the UNFCCC COP28 app for those who are registered.

Overview of COP28 side events
12 December COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion High-Level Closing Event: Climate Change and the BBNJ Agreement

The event will include high level interventions, personal experiences and messages across the age spectrum and give examples of collaborative undertakings at various levels that may be applicable to the ABNJ as well as discussing next steps as countries begin to ratify and implement the BBNJ agreement. The session will review the role and success of this COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion in engaging and reaching out to those not able to attend COP28 in person, indeed in its role of democratizing the ocean at COP28 and promoting unity and inclusivity.


Thecla Keizer (Speaker) 17:00-18:30 GST – COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion, online Access the recording

View the programme

Exhibition Stands – Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Date Title Location Link
22 November – 12 December Plymouth Marine Laboratory virtual exhibition stand as part of the free to register COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion

Online COP28 Virtual Ocean Pavilion
30 November - 12 December We are a partner in the “Island Voices @COP28” virtual space hosted by Island Innovation; the virtual space shares key insights and developments related to island communities.

Online Programme and further details on Island Voices @COP28
30 November – 12 December Plymouth Marine Laboratory – satellite observation case studies and data will be on display on the PufferTouch as part of the Space4Climate exhibition stand in the first-ever Space Pavilion at a COP. Space Pavilion in the Technology & Innovation Hub 2, Green Zone Green Zone
30 November  12 December Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s ‘lakes climate change data portal’ will be on display in the European Space Agency Pavilion. European Space Agency Pavilion, Blue Zone View portal
1-6 December Exhibition stand focusing on ‘Why the Ocean Matters in Climate Negotiations’. Sharing the latest developments in climate challenges, impacts & options towards sustainable ocean development connecting science, industry, policy & society on ocean action in the UNFCCC processes and strengthening NDCs. This stand is in partnership with the Global Ocean Forum, the University of Plymouth and the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean. 

Exhibition area, stand number 9, Blue Zone, outside close to the Climate Action Zone View exhibits