Pools of Carbon in the Ocean project (POCO)

The Pools of Carbon in the Ocean project (POCO) will explore satellite algorithms to quantify the particulate, and possibly dissolved, pools of carbon in the ocean.

The work involves comparison of space-based results with those from ecosystem models, and validation of satellite algorithms against in situ data. Satellite algorithms that can detect the carbon content in the ocean will allow for improving the description of the carbon cycle in  models that are used to predict the Climate Change.

PML is the leading organisation of an European Space Agency (ESA) funded consortium composed of UK (University of Reading and University of Southampton) and German (Helmlotz Zentrum Gestaacht) with the collaboration of scientists from the Massachussets Institute of Technology (USA).

This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: European Space Agency

Project start date: April 2015

Project end date: March 2017

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Dr Shubha Sathyendranath
Merit Remote Sensing Scientist

Other participants

Dr Hayley Evers-King, Dr Victor Martinez-Vicente