Evaluation of antifouling systems for tidal and wave devices (ReDAPT)

ReDAPT aims to reduce the risks associated with deploying a tidal turbine by testing the operational, environmental and engineering aspects of modelling, deploying and operating a full-scale tidal turbine in real sea-state conditions. The project will increase public and industry confidence in tidal turbine technologies by providing a wide range of environmental impact and performance information, as well as providing increased confidence in modelling tools for resource assessment and turbine design and demonstrating a new, reliable turbine design.

Tidal and wave device developers at present have no independently verified, objective and scientifically robust information to differentiate between the various coating products available. This project will not only increase understanding and choice of anti-fouling systems for tidal and wave energy devices but also optimise management measures to minimise biofouling.

Our involvement in ReDAPT, delivered by our trading subsidiary, PML Applications Ltd, is to investigate biofouling turbines and assess the performance of a range of antifouling coatings in a tidal stream environment. We will deliver operational guidance in relation to controlling biofouling on a turbine, together with performance data on a range of current coatings.


This project has been completed

Key information

Funder: The ReDAPT Project is commissioned and co-funded by the ETI (Energy Technologies Institute)

Project start date: July 2010

Project end date: March 2015

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Tim Fileman
Business Development Manager

Other participants

Dr Glen Tarran