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E. Malcolm S. Woodward

Nutrient Chemist

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S-3 EUROHAB - Sentinel products for detecting EUtROphication and Harmful Algal Bloom events

S-3 EUROHAB - Sentinel products for detecting EUtROphication and Harmful Algal Bloom events

Contact: Dr Gavin Tilstone

S-3 EUROHAB will use the latest satellite technology to improve the way water quality and harmful algal blooms (HABs) are monitored in the English...

Ocean Regulation of Climate through Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports (ORCHESTRA)

Ocean Regulation of Climate through Heat and Carbon Sequestration and Transports (ORCHESTRA)

Contact: Dr Tim Smyth

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues facing humanity and life on Earth. Better predictions of future climate change are needed, so that...

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Recent publications

  • Woodward, EMS; Harris, C. Nutrient concentration profiles from long term time series at Station L4 in the Western English Channel from 2000 to 2017. [Output (Electronic)]
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  • Woodward, EMS; Harris, C. Western Channel Observatory (E1) nutrient concentration profiles (2002 - 2017). [Output (Electronic)]
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  • Davis, C; Lohan, MC; Tuerena, R; Cerdan-Garcia, E; Woodward, EMS; Tagliabue, A; Mahaffey, C. 2019 Diurnal variability in alkaline phosphatase activity and the potential role of zooplankton. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.
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  • Whisgott, JU; Sharples, J; Hopkins, JE; Woodward, EMS; Hull, T; Greenwood, N; Sivyer, DB. 2019 Observations of vertical mixing in autumn and its effect on the autumn phytoplankton bloom. Progress in Oceanography.
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  • Aoyama, M; Abad, M; Aguilar-Islas, A; Ashraf P, M; Azetsu-Scott, K; Bakir, A; Becker, S; Benoit-Cattin-Breton, A; Berdalet, E; Björkman, K; Blum, M; de Santis Braga, E; Caradec, F; Cariou, T; Chiozzini, VG; Collin, K; Coppola, L; Crump, M; Dai, M; Daniel, A; Davis, C; Solis, ME; Edelvang, K; Faber, D; Fidel, R; Fonnes, LL; Frank, J; Frew, P; Funkey, C; Gallia, R; Giani, M; Gkritzalis, T; Grage, A; Greenan, B; Gundersen, K; Hashihama, F; Ibar, VFC; Jung, J; Kang, SH; Karl, D; Kasai, H; Kerrigan, LA; Kiyomoto, Y; Knockaert, M; Kodama, T; Koo, J-H; Kralj, M; Kramer, R; Kress, N; Lainela, S; Ledesma, J; Lewandowska, J; López, MDCA; López García, P; Ludwichowski, K-W; Mahaffey, C; Malien, F; Margiotta, F; Márquez, A; Mawji, EW; McCormack, T; McGrath, T; Le Merrer, Y; Møgster, JS; Nagai, N; Naik, H; Normandeau, C; Ogawa, H; Ólafsdóttir, SR; Ooijen, JV; Paranhos, R; Park, M-OK; Parmentier, K; Passarelli, A; Payne, C; Pierre-Duplessix, O; Povazhnyi, V; Quesnel, S-A; Raimbault, P; Rees, C; Rember, R; Rho, TK; Ringuette, M; Riquier, ED; Rodriguez, A; Roman, RE; Rosero, C; Woodward, EMS; Saito, S; Schuller, D; Segal, Y; Silverman, J; Sørensen, D; Stedmon, CA; Stinchcombe, M; Sun, J; Thamer, P; Urbini, L; Wallace, D; Walsham, P; Wang, L; Waniek, J; Yamamoto, H; Yoshimura, T; Zhang, J-Z. 2018 IOCCP-JAMSTEC 2018 Inter-laboratory Calibration Exercise of a Certified Reference Material for Nutrients in Seawater. JAMSTEC. (UNSPECIFIED)
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  • Vincent, AG; Pascal, RW; Beaton, AD; Walk, J; Hopkins, JE; Woodward, EMS; Mowlem, M; Lohan, MC. 2018 Nitrate drawdown during a shelf sea spring bloom revealed using a novel microfluidic in situ chemical sensor deployed within an autonomous underwater glider. Marine Chemistry, 205. 29-36.
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