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Dr Matthew Cole

Lord Kingsland Fellow

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Matthew Cole is a research scientist whose research focuses upon how human activity and pollution can affect the marine environment. Matthew conducted his PhD on the ‘Impact of microplastics on zooplankton’ at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the University of Exeter from 2010-2014. His early research highlighted the risks microscopic plastic debris can pose to zooplankton.

Following on from his PhD, Matthew was employed as a research fellow at the University of Exeter, investigating the impact of microplastics on marine ecosystem processes. Matthew returned to Plymouth Marine Laboratory in October 2017 as a Lord Kingsland Fellow. Matthew is working with the ‘Microplastic research group’, led by Dr Pennie Lindeque, to examine how plastic pollution can impact upon marine biota and ecosystems.


Removing marine microplastics with mussel power

Removing marine microplastics with mussel power

Contact: Dr Matthew Cole

Removing marine microplastics with mussel power is a one-year feasibility study funded by Waitrose Plan Plastic to develop an ecological solution...

Other key projects

  • Research Fellow · University of Exeter · June 2014 - August 2017. Bioavailability and biological effects of microscopic plastic debris in the ocean (NERC).
  • Research Scientist · Plymouth Marine Laboratory · April 2014 - June 2014.  Investigating microplastic contamination in coastal waters.
  • PhD · Plymouth Marine Laboratory & University of Exeter · October 2010 - March 2014. Impact of microplastics on zooplankton (NERC).