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Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

Environmental Psychologist

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+44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)


Elizabeth joined PML in February 2018 as an environmental psychologist. As such she applies psychological approaches to understand a) how the marine environment affects humans psychologically (in particular their wellbeing) and b) human behaviour in order to help reduce our impact on the marine environment.

Most of her work has focused on how personality, perceptions, values and social norms influence people’s attitudes and behaviour. She values interdisciplinary research and has previously collaborated with medics, environmental scientists, computer scientists, architects and engineers.

She has an MSc in Psychological Research Methods and PhD in Psychology from Plymouth University. She completed a post doc position at the University of Bath before working as an assessment psychometrician at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.


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Other activities

  • Scientific Data Management Committee