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My scientific career has built up around translating synthetic biology research into practical biotechnology, at scales ranging from the single cell to over a thousand litres. Following my undergraduate studies in Genetics, I went on to complete a PhD in chemical and biological engineering with a focus on computational biology.

During this time, I worked on the FP7 project CyanoFactory, looking at multi-omic systems analysis of using cyanobacteria for biological hydrogen production. Following this, I joined Mike Allen's team here at PML working on the PALM-UK project, which is looking at producing high value aquaculture feed rich in omega-3s. My research as part of this team was focused on investigating downstream processing technologies for algal biotechnology to boost harvest rates, whilst reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency. Some of the techniques we've been researching include microbubble floatation, electro-coagulation, and vortex flow separation systems.

In addition, whilst at PML I've also been working on a macro-algal bioprospecting project: where we've been searching for potential high-value candidate seaweeds for local businesses to target, based on their nutritional qualities, metal contents, and potential high value pigments; and the running genome sequence analysis of individual giant viruses isolated by Susan Kimmance in the Single Cell Genomics Facility.

Recent publications

  • D'Adamo, S; Schiano di Visconte, G; Lowe, G; Szaub-Newton, J; Beacham, TA; Landels, A; Allen, MJ; Spicer, A; Matthijs, M. 2018 Engineering The Unicellular Alga Phaeodactylum tricornutum For High-Value Plant Triterpenoid Production. Plant Biotechnology Journal.
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  • Landels, A; Cagney, N; Bauer, L; Beacham, TA; Balabani, S; Allen, MJ. 2017 Development of Vortex Bioreactor Technology for Decentralised Water Treatment. In: Vortex Structures in Fluid Dynamic Problems. INTECH.
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