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Professor Ana M Queirós

Professor Ana M Queirós

Marine and climate change ecologist

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"I hope my son will be able to enjoy the ocean's thriving life and wonder as much as I do, into his future. My goal everyday is therefore to help generate new scientific understanding of the ocean, to inform climate-smart strategies for ocean management that protect the adaptation potential of its species and habitats, and of people that depend on them. "

Ana is an internationally recognised expert on seaweed blue carbon and climate change ecology, with expertise in field, laboratory and numerical modelling based approaches.

Ana is working specifically on helping to manage ocean habitats through the advancement of our understanding of global blue carbon capacity, and the identification of ecosystem-level climate change signals.

Ana has an extensive track record in the co-development of nature-based solutions for ocean management, and is leading research within globally distributed programmes that aim to help practitioners build climate resilience into marine conservation, harvesting and marine spatial planning, including blue carbon habitat management.

To this end, Ana's work routinely includes engagement with policy, industry and the private sector. Key current research programmes include SMMR MSPACE (PI) and kelp research under the Amazon Right Now Climate Fund (Scientific lead). Ana’s work is highlighted in agenda setting documents, nationally and internationally.


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