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Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas

PhD student

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Oliver is a PhD student currently studying “Intertidal seagrass meadows in South West England: the ecological and socio-economical benefits of restoration”.

The project aims to utilise remote sensing techniques to locate and determine the extent of intertidal seagrass beds in SW England. Extensive fieldwork will be undertaken on identified beds to evaluate function, services, and value.

The project is funded by the Plymouth Marine Research Centre, a pioneering collaboration between Plymouth Marine Laboratory, The University of Plymouth, and The Marine Biological Association.

Director of Studies: Melanie Austen (UoP)
Supervisors: Martin Attrill (UoP), Lauren Biermann (PML), Daniel Smale (MBA)

Prior to undertaking his PhD, Oliver was employed as an Environment Officer for Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority. This followed two years working as a Scientific Fisheries Observer for The Falkland Islands Government.

He completed his MSc in Marine Resource Development and Protection at Heriot-Watt University, and his BSc in Marine Biology at Bangor University.