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Dr Molly James

Dr Molly James

Marine Ecosystems Modeller

moja5/18/2024 6:19:25    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)
Dr Molly James joined the Marine Ecosystem Modelling Group at PML in October 2020. She has a degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography and a PhD in Marine Sciences, both awarded by Plymouth University.  Her research focussed on incorporating larval behaviours in biophysical models of larval transport that best reflect in-situ observations of vertical distribution patterns.  During her PhD she developed novel methods of parameterising behaviour in Lagrangian particle trackers, based on a ‘pattern-matching’ approach as opposed to lab-based observations of larval swimming. 

Molly’s research interests span a range of topics, including marine ecology, spatial connectivity, species distributions, and small-scale bio-physical interactions.  At PML, Molly is currently working with FVCOM and the particle tracking model PyLag to explore both larval dispersal and pollutant pathways in various locations.