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Jennifer Lockett

Jennifer Lockett

Head of Integrated Research, Impact & Support Services

jelo7/23/2024 1:32:06    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)
"I’m very passionate about working with scientists to increase the likelihood that their research has an impact in the real world.  I have written strategies for PML, delivered training and created bespoke tools to increase my colleagues’ understanding of the steps and tools that can help to generate impact as well as to evidence it.  "

Jenny Lockett has specialist knowledge and expertise of the NERC, national and global impact agenda, which she has used to develop a clear vision for Impact at PML to contribute to science and business objectives as well as research projects. This includes the development of the first PML Research Impact Plan which sits alongside the Science Plan.

Jenny Lockett joined PML in 2011 as Project Manager for two international research projects, working with multiple partners across the world. She has worked on many subsequent projects across the PML science areas, at varying scales, and contributed to more than 7 successful, large funding proposals. From 2016 her role evolved to Senior Impact Manager with a significant shift in focus to include leading the development and delivery of PML’s impact approach.

In this role she ensured PML achieved the highest NERC-REF impact scores of all the NERC centres (2020 NERC Centres Evaluation); created innovative impact planning and tracking tools; delivered training and guided researchers to transform workflows to integrate impact generating and monitoring approaches. Furthermore, the PML Impact Plan was independently evaluated as one of the best in the world (Reed et al. 2021).

In 2022 Jenny was appointed as Head of Integrated Research, Impact and Support Services, bringing together her project management and impact expertise and experience with broader professional services provision at PML.

Her main impact duties are: leading and motivating a culture of impact; working within the needs and priorities of PML to strategically build capacity and capability across the organisation; supporting and facilitating the generation of impact; increasing awareness and communication of impact; coordinating stakeholder identification and engagement; monitoring, evaluating and recording impact; developing case studies, and tracking PML’s progress.