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James Harding

AI/Machine Learning Data Scientist

jha11/29/2023 9:49:14    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

As an undergraduate in Civil Engineering, I excelled in hydrogeology, fluid mechanics, and hydraulic engineering. This academic leaning set me up for industry roles with Scottish Waters Research & Innovation department. This phase developed my abilities in membrane fouling, data compilation, multi-criteria analysis and process optimization. The continuous pursuit of innovation in this sector, steered me toward my Ph.D. in Machine Learning & Earth Observation. Specifically, I developed deep generative models for the Earth Observation of shallow surface waters.

I enjoyed sharing my academic insight and practical knowledge, with 500+ hours of pedagogical roles with high-school and undergraduate scholars, in fields spanning Engineering Conceptual Design, Hydrogeology & Mathematics. Along this journey I have been recommended to teach as part of the Oxford Teaching Programme, awarded for a research presentation titled 'Browning Waters & Big Data', and selected by the Institute of Waters Hydro-Nations leadership programme, for emerging and existing leaders in the water industry.