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Emilie Courtecuisse

Emilie Courtecuisse

PhD student

emc5/18/2024 5:19:27    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Emilie is a NERC funded PhD student based at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and co-hosted by the LOCHS (Laboratory for Optical Biogeochemistry and Remote Sensing) group of the University of Stirling. She works about fluorescence assessment on cyanobacteria and attempts to design with the Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) a prototype sensor. This project focus on inland and coastal waters species and it is placed in a context of rapid eutrophication status and possible risks caused by harmful cyanobacteria.

She worked as an assistant researcher, in the Arctic, on the BIOPOL project in 2015 and she participated in several oceanographic campaigns in different oceans (Atlantic Ocean, Tropical Ocean and Arctic Ocean).

She is interested by research about climate change impacts on ecosystems and by science valuable for society.

Newsham, K.K., Eidesen, P.B., Davey, M.L., Axelsen, J., Courtecuisse, E., Flintrop, C., Johansson, A.G., Kiepert, M., Larsen, S.E., Lorberau, K.E., Maurset, M., McQuilkin, J., Misiak, M., Pop, A., Thompson, S., Read, D.J., 2017. Arbuscular mycorrhizas are present on Spitsbergen. Mycorrhiza. doi:10.1007/s00572-017-0785-9