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Dr Stefanie Broszeit

Dr Stefanie Broszeit

Marine ecosystem services researcher

stbr3/29/2023 5:07:27    |     +44 (0)1752 633473
"I have always loved nature and so working in a field where I can actively help to manage our ecosystems sustainably and to also aid people to get benefits from the sea and nature in general gets me going in the morning. "

Stefanie has a PhD in marine ecology and over 7 years experience working on marine ecosystem services. She has applied her knowledge to research questions around sustainable management of marine resources and in particular around assessing trade-offs around different ecosystem services. She is also developing better understanding of ecosystem services by finding ways of measuring and monitoring biodiversity, habitats and the services they provide by evaluating indicators.

She has worked in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Southeast Asia and Mexico.

Recent publications

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