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Dr Rebecca Shellock

Dr Rebecca Shellock

PhD Fellow

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Rebecca Shellock undertook a NERC GW4+ funded PhD, based at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) (University of Exeter).

Project Title: The Marine Environment, Human Well-being and Environmental Valuation.

Supervisors: Dr Caroline Hattam (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), Dr Mathew White (University of Exeter), Dr Tobias Börger (University of St Andrews)

The focus of the PhD was to understand the well-being benefits associated with a coastal site in Plymouth. The research explored the impact of a coastal renovation project on the well-being of local residents, using methods from economics and psychology. The project crossed the boundaries of marine science, environmental economics, environmental psychology and medical science. Overall, the PhD aimed to significantly advance our understanding of the importance and value of coasts for human well-being and to make steps towards developing an approach upon which to base future policy evaluations.

Rebecca has a background in marine biology, conservation and marine and coastal policy. She has a keen interest in research that bridges the gap between marine science and policy, aiding improvements to science-policy integration.

Prior to her PhD, Rebecca worked as a Research Assistant for the Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research at Plymouth University. Her research encompassed a range of topics including Ecosystem Services, marine governance, marine planning and management, Marine Protected Areas and public perceptions and attitudes towards the marine environment. Rebecca has also worked as an Environmental Consultant and has undertaken a Policy Internship at the British Ecological Society (BES).

  • Promoting Effective Governance of the Channel Ecosystem (PEGASEAS) (EU INTERREG IVA, 2014)

  • Gee, K., Kannen, A., Adlam, R., Brooks, C., Chapman, M., Cormier, R., Fischer, C., Fletcher, S., Gubbins, M., Shucksmith, R., Shellock, R. (2017). Identifying culturally significant areas for marine spatial planning. Ocean & coastal management 136: 139-147. DOI: 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2016.11.026