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Dr Nicola Martin

Dr Nicola Martin

Senior Earth Observation Research Software Engineer

nima3/1/2024 10:04:14    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)
"I enjoy problem solving and playing with interesting data. Working with the scientists and software engineers at PML, I get to learn new things every day and apply my digital skills to help solve meaningful problems."

Nicola is a Research Software Engineer within the Digital Innovation and Marine Autonomy group at PML, specialising in geospatial data processing, Python software development and workflow design. She works with scientists across the lab, helping to support their research through digital solutions.

Nicola studied at Plymouth University, where she received a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics, an MSc in Applied and Computational Mathematics, and a PhD in Mathematics, working on simulating relativistic laser-matter interactions. She worked as a Scientific Software Engineer at the Met Office for seven years, designing and maintaining operational systems for seasonal forecasts, and delivering data products for key projects.

Since joining PML in 2019, Nicola has been developing tools and visualisations for a range of applications, working on operational workflow design for Earth Observation products and creating portable software. Nicola is interested in using best practices in software engineering to improve the useability and efficiency of scientific applications, and transforming data into information.

  • Martin, N., Clewley, D., Groom, S. (2023). Improving the performance of National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) code using GPUs. PML Publishing. DOI: 10.17031/wtr8-2k34