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Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

Environmental Psychologist

egt6/22/2024 6:10:37    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Elizabeth (Lizzi) is an Environmental Psychologist in the Sea and Society group at PML. As such, she applies psychological approaches to study the two-way interaction between humans and the environment.

Elizabeth has a background in cognitive psychology and psychometrics, completing a PhD on risk perception from the University of Plymouth before holding a post-doc position at the University of Bath. She values interdisciplinary research and has previously collaborated with medics, environmental scientists, computer scientists, architects and engineers.

Elizabeth has extensive experience conducting qualitative and quantitative social science research methods. She applies her expertise in psychology and human behaviour to environmental problems, such as plastic pollution, habitat protection, energy consumption and production. She is also interested in the psychological benefits associated with the marine environment and the nature of people's connection to the ocean.