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Dr Dimitrios Kaloudis

Dr Dimitrios Kaloudis

Head of the Centre for Environmental Solutions - PML Applications Ltd

dka5/28/2024 8:24:53    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)

Dimitrios brings over 10 years of commercial research expertise, working with clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations (DENSO Corp., Wessex Water, Unilever). He has significant experience in environmental microbiology, biofuel production, wastewater treatment and process design, among others. Dimitrios’ PhD focused on ‘Improving microalgae for biofuel production’ (2014, University of Bath) and followed a BSc Marine Biology (2010, First Class Hons) with the University of Plymouth.

He loves an intellectual challenge and especially designing experiments to answer our client’s questions in the most simple, cost-efficient and scientifically robust way. In his role with PML Applications Ltd., Dimitrios leads in method development and microbiology. When he is not designing bespoke experiments to answer client’s questions and expand PML Application’s scope of business, you will find him over a microscope, visualizing and quantifying biofilms and micro-fouling communities.

In his spare time, Dimitrios is a food entrepreneur and chef, free-diver, volunteer for environmental charities, and always up for an outdoors adventure, a good BBQ, a philosophical discussion, and spending quality time with his friends and family!