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Darren Snee

Darren Snee

Research Infrastructure Engineering Lead

dsn11/29/2023 8:57:50    |     +44 (0)1752 633100 (switchboard)
"Nothing can be considering working until it’s been tested"

Darren is the lead Research Infrastructure Engineer within the Digital Innovation and Marine Autonomy group at PML where he provides software and systems support for both his own group as well as the rest of the organisation.

Darren brings two decades of experience in web technologies and hosting platforms from his previous roles as lead developer and system architect for various commercial products and software houses, specialising in backend system programming and server to server communications and APIs.

Darren joined PML in 2019 initially working on PML’s GIS Portal, data storage and transfer for the Horizon 2020 MONOCLE project and internal web support.