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Anna Yunnie

Anna Yunnie

Principal Consultant - PML Applications Ltd

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Anna Yunnie is a professional applied scientist trained in marine biology & ecology.  She specializes in non-native marine species, fouling fauna biology, ecology & taxonomy, marine biosecurity, fouling control solutions, in-water hull cleaning and expert evidence for legal disputes in the commercial shipping sector. 

Anna is involved in the current movement to establish UK and international regulations and test protocols for in-water hull cleaning of commercial vessels and is working with international collaborators in an effort to align global standards and efficacy testing.  

She works with the Ministry of Defense,  in-water hull cleaning companies, ports & harbors, shipping & paint companies offering biosecurity advice, surveys & regulatory advice, independent efficacy testing, technology reviews. Clients that Anna has worked with include Rolls Royce, International Paint, EDF and Babcock International.  

Additionally Anna has undertaken several teaching roles, from taxonomy classes for university students from undergraduate to PhD level, as well as BioSecurity and non-native species training for government agencies and ports and harbours representatives.  

Anna has an established track record of publishing in peer reviewed scientific journals on topics involving invasive species and biosecurity. 

Anna was invited as an expert reviewer for new BIMCO in water cleaning standards of 2021  and is also an invited member of the UN advisory group: GESAMP, in the Biofouling WG44. She has presented at the ANZPAC Workshop on Biofouling Management for Sustainable Shipping, has been invited to join the Alliance for Coastal Technologies and Maritime Environmental Resource Centre’s expert panel in Honolulu in April 2019 and as more recently  was invited to be a scientific expert on BBC Countryfile and Radio 4 to explain the issues of biofouling.  

Marina Piria, Lorenzo Vilizzi et al (+250 authors inc Anna L.E. Yunnie ) (2021). A global-scale screening of non-native aquatic organisms to identify potentially invasive species under current and future climate conditions. Science of the Total Environment.

Kathryn A. O'Shaughnessy, Stephen J. Hawkins, Anna L. E. Yunnie, Mick E. Hanley , Paul Lunt, Richard C. Thompson, Louise B. Firth (2020). Occurrence and assemblage composition of intertidal non-native species may be influenced be shipping patterns and artificial structures. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Bishop, J. D.D., Wood, C. A., Lévêque, L., Yunnie A.L.E.,  Viard, F. (2014). Repeated rapid assessment surveys reveal contrasting trends in occupancy of marinas by non-indigenous species on opposite sides of the western English Channel. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 

Bishop, J.D.D., Wood, C.A., Yunnie, A.L.E., Griffiths, C. A. (2014). Unheralded arrivals: non-native sessile invertebrates in marinas on the English coast. Aquatic Invasions. 

Bishop, JDD; Yunnie, ALE; Baxter, E; Wood, CA. (2017). Guide to early post-settlement stages of fouling marine invertebrates in Britain. Occasional Publication of the Marine Biological Association 29 (revised edition). Plymouth, Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 50pp. (Occasional Publications of the MBA (29)) 

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