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Plymouth Marine Laboratory contributes to UNESCO’s pilot 'State of the Ocean' report

4 July 2022

Plymouth Marine Laboratory's Director of Science Steve Widdicombe has co-authored Chapter 2 in UNESCO's pilot 'State of the Ocean Report' - a much-needed publication to inform the world and its decision-makers about the current state of the ocean.
Coral reef with different species of fish

Plymouth Marine Laboratory's Director of Science Steve Widdicombe has co-authored Chapter 2 in UNESCO's pilot edition of the 'State of the Ocean Report'.

Professor Widdicombe, who is also co-chair of GOA-ON (Global Ocean Action Observing Network), was joined by fellow co-chair of GOA-ON, Jan Newton, in contributing to the chapter. 

The report is a much-needed publication to inform the world about the current state of the ocean, and to do so in a much more dynamic way than has been previously possible. 

In time, this report can become a main reference and a useful tool to document to efficiently monitor the progress of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and as a result, SDG 14.

There are hopes that it will also become a seminal and eagerly anticipated worldwide publication that will contribute significantly to mobilizing global society to act towards ‘ocean we need for the future we want’. 

Access the report here