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PML donates laptops to orphaned schoolchildren in Ukraine

26 October 2022

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) has donated a number of laptop computers for use by orphaned schoolchildren in the Black Sea coastal city of Odesa.
Night sea coast in Chabanka - Odesa, Ukraine The laptops will be delivered to Odesa by Kim Campbell (Drakewalls, Cornwall) and his colleague Tim Johnson, who left for the Ukraine on Saturday 22nd October. They are currently driving a refurbished emergency ambulance and van across Europe to Romania, and then on to Odesa in Ukraine arriving before the winter snows set in.


Above: PML fellow Professor Mike Moore receiving the donated laptops from John Jury in Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and Kim Campbell with the computers in Drakewalls.

The vehicles are full of medicinal and humanitarian aid as the hospitals and orphanages are over-extended and in need of more help. In addition to the laptops, other presents have been made by volunteers.

Above: Refurbished ambulance for Ukraine with some of the donated medical equipment

The laptops will enable the schoolchildren to continue their studies as there is a severe shortage of schoolteachers in Odesa as a result of the war.

Professor Icarus Allen (Chief Executive, Plymouth Marine Laboratory) and Gary Holder (Head of IT Group) arranged for the donation of the laptops. These were given to Professor Mike Moore (Callington Town Councillor & former PML Research Scientist) by John Jury (PML IT Group).

Above: displaced families and orphans in Odesa (photos courtesy of Kim Campbell)

Mike, who had previously worked on United Nations’ environmental projects in Odesa and the Black Sea, delivered the laptops to Kim in Drakewalls, who was delighted with the donation.

We would like to thank Kim, Tim and their friends for their wonderful efforts, and to wish them well for a safe and successful journey to Odesa and back. 

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