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MEDIA: Project Oceanus: Revolutionizing Oceanic Research with Autonomous Vessels

10 May 2024

Listen now to Yachting International Radio's Yacht Crew Vlog, featuring our Chief Executive Professor Icarus Allen and Brett Phaneuf from Submergence Group talking about Project Oceanus - the world's first long-range autonomous research vessel. 
Artists impression of Oceanus - the world’s first long-range autonomous research vessel Discover the inspiration behind the project's name and its mission to extend oceanic research capabilities. Learn how autonomous technology is revolutionizing our understanding of ocean ecosystems and climate change impacts, with data publicly available to aid global research efforts. 

Watch now: Project Oceanus: Revolutionizing Oceanic Research with Autonomous Vessels


You can help build Oceanus... 

Oceanus has been initially supported by seed funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). However, we are currently exploring opportunities for further support and funding in order to progress to the build phase, which would take around two years to complete. 

If you are interested in supporting the build phase of Oceanus, please leave your details with Fundraising Officer James Lord, who will gladly get in touch.  


Related information

We have partnered with MSubs and ProMare to build the Oceanus - both organisations have extensive experience in marine autonomous technology and developed and built the Mayflower 400 Autonomous Ship. We have also partnered with Marine AI Ltd, a software engineering firm specialising in edge-based sensor-driven cognitive artificial intelligence to deliver safety-critical marine autonomy, who will support with the autonomous control system. 
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