Our Models

Model code on screen with modeller in foreground

We deliver bespoke models that address key questions about the marine environment at any scale.
This is achieved by building on our in-house ecosystem model ERSEM. A state of the art model for biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem structure, that is continually developed by the group. Development focuses on new applications as well as the long-term future of ERSEM. See Discovery Science for latest development work.

ERSEM has recently be rewritten in a flexible framework (FABM) which allows any number of species or processes to be easily added or removed from the system.  By tailoring the complexity of ERSEM we can explore specific questions of interest for example looking at potential spread of invasive species.  Our flexible approach to ERSEM is also mirrored in the hydrodynamic models we use, they can explore the smallest estuaries and lagoons (FVCOM) up to shelf seas and the world ocean (NEMO).