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Workshop on Climate Change Considerations in Marine Spatial Planning (WKCCCMSP)

Wednesday 11 October 2023 - Thursday 12 October 2023

: Online
This event has now ended and is archived

Despite high confidence in global evidence on the effects of climate change in marine ecosystems and dependant economic sectors, and global aspiration to create marine planning processes that are climate-adaptive, implementation of climate-smart plans is still scarce. Collaborations between marine climate scientists, marine planning community and broader policy communities are seen as key accelerators of that ambition.

Supporting this aim, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea invites you to a virtual workshop: “Climate Change Considerations in Marine Spatial Planning”.

Date: 11th -12th October


The workshop will be structured in four sessions over two days:

1) How does climate change affect MSP? Climate change affects MSP processes by re-distributing marine biodiversity and human activities in different ways around the globe, posing policy and legal challenges to the spatial management of maritime sectors and their interactions, as well as the associated economy and communities.  We will discuss the impacts of those changes on the development and implementation of marine spatial planning.
2) How is climate change adaptation and mitigation are being captured by MSP around the world? Marine Spatial Plans around Europe and the globe present an opportunity to address the causes of climate change (mitigation) as well as its impacts (adaptation), and this is being capitalised upon in different ways at national, supra-national, and regional levels. A stocktake of practical examples of relevant approaches and frameworks, for example decision support tools, participatory methods, science-policy communication will be carried out. We will document best practice and stumbling blocks to implementation
3) How does MSP contribute to the implementation of climate action (adaptation and mitigation)? We will build on the lessons learned in ToR B to make recommendations about how MSP can enable Climate Action.  The workshop report and a guidance paper will be prepared, and will identify policy and legal challenges and enablers to implementation.
4) Final writing and wrap up session. The key outcome of the workshop will be an opinion paper, aimed to inform the development of future synergies between the climate change research community and marine planners and other policy makers. Each session will include short keynote presentations from leading researchers and planners from around the world, and will include discussion and writing time.

The workshop will be supported by the ICES Working Group on Marine Planning and Coastal Zone Management, and the Horizon 2020 Programme FutureMARES.

Please register by October 15 2023. We will send you the access information at that time.

To register and for further information please contact:
Caitirona nic Aonghusa
Prof Ana Queirós
Dr Talya ten Brink