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SoapBox Science: Exeter

Saturday 10 June 2023 - Saturday 10 June 2023

: Exeter Quayside, Piazza Terracina
This event has now ended and is archived

Our Dr Lauren Biermann will be speaking at SoapBox Science Exeter this year, on the 10th June between 12pm - 3pm at Piazza Terracina, Exeter Quayside.

Soapbox Science showcases the research of women who are making significant contributions to the scientific community.

The event, which takes place each summer, follows the format of London Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner, this year transforming Exeter Quayside, Piazza Terracina, into an arena for public learning and scientific debate; creating a dynamic and bustling atmosphere and learning environment for all.

Our Marine Remote Sensing Scientist Dr Lauren Biermann will be speaking at the event this year, her talk is titled: 'I spy with my little eye: good and bad things floating on the ocean'. Dr Biermann will be showing how patches of materials floating on the ocean surface can get big enough to be seen from space. These materials can be natural, like pumice after underwater volcanic eruptions. Increasingly, however, floating patches also contain litter. Dr Biermann will show how she uses satellites, how we can start to spot marine plastics, and how this this information can be helpful to us.

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