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Seminar: Blue carbon, saltmarsh restoration, and seascapes.

Monday 15 May 2023 - Monday 15 May 2023

: Plymouth Marine Laboratory
This event has now ended and is archived

Seminar: Blue carbon, saltmarsh restoration, and seascapes. UKCEH saltmarsh research; past present and future - Angus Garbutt. The Solent: a 21st C coastline mesocosm - Gordon Watson.
When: Monday 15th May at 12pm
Where: Plymouth Marine Laboratory: Marine Matters Centre Lecture Theatre (and online)


Abstract: A brief review of coastal research at UKCEH, current projects and explore future priorities.

Angus Garbutt is the UKCEH Bangor lead for research and projects with a focus on the Land-Sea Interface. Work focuses on field experimentation, long-term and national scale monitoring, quantifying the relationships between ecosystem functions and the goods and benefits they provide. He is a coastal specialist and expert in saltmarsh ecology, processes and management and the ecology of intertidal mudflats and the relationship between sediments, benthic invertebrates and shore birds. He works with a wide range of Government Agencies and funders (e.g. Welsh Government, Environment Agency, Natural resources Wales, Natural England, Natural Environment Research Council, RSPB) and collaborate with business (e.g. North West Energy Squared, APEM) to provide evidence based solutions to policy, science and business needs.

Prof Gordon Watson is a marine ecologist whose expertise lies in investigating the effects of humans on aquatic organisms through pollution and exploitation. Research interests include the role of conservation in protecting benthic habitats and the effects of pollutants on benthic systems using polychaete models. Other areas include aquaculture of invertebrates for the marine aquarium trade and the environmental and endocrine control of reproduction in marine invertebrates.

This event is open to Marine Research Plymouth colleagues, to register for online access, please email