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Planet Ocean exhibition - The Box Plymouth

Saturday 16 March 2024 - Sunday 16 February 2025

: The Box, Plymouth

The Planet Ocean exhibition is drawn from the natural history, art and social history collections at The Box and supported by a range of partners including Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the Marine Biological Association, the University of Plymouth and South West-based ocean conservation organisations.

With Plymouth Sound as one of the most studied and significant stretches of water in the world, and groundbreaking marine research taking place in the city that directly combats climate change and impacts global policy, the exhibition looks at how we can study, use and take inspiration from familiar waters to play a part in a global movement to safeguard the sea.

The exhibition will use the overarching themes of plankton, pollution, people and planet to share facts, key findings, objects and stories; inspiring hope in the face of the climate crisis and empowering everyone who visits to become ocean advocates. Find out more >>

Key dates:
  • 16th March. Planet Ocean exhibition opening!
  • 23rd March. Planet Ocean exhibition Celebratory event
  • 2nd - 4th and 9th - 11th April. Over the 2024 Easter holidays, PML's Amy Kenworthy and Dr Frances Hopkins will be supporting Planet Ocean inspired Easter activities, where families will find out what’s amazing about plankton, and then encouraged to join in with some plankton crafting activities. The morning sessions will take place from 10.30-12.30 and the afternoon sessions will be from 1.30-3.30. Families will drop in for as long or as little a time as they like during those times