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Ocean acidification: a crisis in the making

Thursday 2 February 2023

: Tokyo

Plymouth Marine Laboratory's Director of Science Professor Steve Widdicombe will be speaking at 'Ocean acidification: a crisis in the making', an event by Back to Blue, an initiative by the Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation. 


Ocean health and climate change are inextricably linked: as CO2 becomes more concentrated in the atmosphere, it also builds up in the seas. The result, ocean acidification, will have disastrous effects to livelihoods if left unchecked. Already, coastal industries such as fishing and aquaculture are being hurt. Natural assets such as biodiversity and coral reefs are threatened. The consequences will be both ecological and economic. Yet solutions exist.

Join us as we explore what ocean acidification is, what we can do to avoid its worst impacts, and how governments, business leaders and scientists can co-operate to better respond to this existential threat within Japan and around the globe.

The event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, with free online streaming options here >>

2pm JST 2nd February 2023
(5am GMT)

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