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MRP Research Dialogue #6 “Marine Microbes, Microbiomes and Holobionts”

Wednesday 22 May 2024 - Wednesday 22 May 2024

: Marine Biological Association (Resource Centre)

The marine environment is dominated by microbial life - viruses, bacteria, archaea and microbial eukaryotes such as phytoplankton and fungi. Marine microbes are responsible for making our oceans work, underpinning food webs and driving biogeochemical cycles. Marine microbes also have great biotechnological potential as a valuable source of biomolecules and enzymes, however they are also impacted by human activities and global change. Other marine life live in close association with their microbiomes together as holobionts, including corals, lichens, seaweeds, and sponges, which play major roles in determining their host’s health and functioning. Approaches to study marine microbes, microbiomes and holobionts range from field- to laboratory-based, in some cases applying cutting edge tools, and addressing both fundamental and applied research questions.
This research dialogue is open to all researchers in Plymouth that are engaged in research on marine microbes, microbiomes and holobionts. We also encourage researchers to attend who would like to know more about this topic and how it might connect with their own research. We hope that this dialogue will raise awareness of Plymouth marine scientists' work and facilitate new synergies between researchers. 
The purpose of the Plymouth Research Dialogues is to build a culture of communication and collaboration across our marine research community, creating a more exciting and effective academic environment within which we can conduct our research. Ultimately leading to tangible benefits of new collaborative projects, studentships, and publications. The Research Dialogue will include presentations (10 minutes each) showcasing the work of various groups, or individuals, that are relevant to this topic. The talks will be followed by an opportunity for extended informal discussions over wine and nibbles.
Where: Marine Biological Association (Resource Centre)
When: Wednesday 22nd May 2024 from 1 to 5pm